PBMS Certification

 Patient Blood Management Specialist Certification Exam Information

Have an interest and knowledge in blood management—test that knowledge and gain a new certification!

So you think you know a lot about blood?

The Patient Blood Management Specialist (PBMS) Certification is a brand new examination and program. Below is important information regarding this new program. If you have any questions contact us at ibbm@amsect.org or call us at 312-321-5156

What is the difference between a Perioperative Blood Management Technician (PBMT) and a Patient Blood Management Specialist (PBMS)?

A PBMT is an Autotransfusionist or Platelet Gel/Stem Cell device operator in the operative setting; primarily they operate the cell washers for red blood cell recovery in the perioperative setting. The PBMS is the next and higher level up. A more focused program; however, unlike the PBMT the PBMS is not restricted to only autotransfusionists.

Do you have to be a PBMT to take the PBMS exam?

Anyone with confidence in the body of knowledge of blood management can take the exam. The PBMS test is more advanced and covers a broader scope of material. While the PBMT certification is not required to take this exam, those that are certified PBMTs may notice familiar topics and concepts that are addressed in the PBMS test.

If you are interested in more information on the PBMT Certification, click here.

Requirements to become a Certified PBMS

The exam will be given three times a year. In 2018 the PBMS test dates will be concurrent with the PBMT exam dates in May, August, and November. Please note prospective test takers cannot take both the PBMT and PBMS tests in the same exam period.

To take the exam you must fill out the profile and proctor application, and pay a $200 exam fee during the application period. The application period will begin two months prior to the exam and will be open up to 5 days before the first day of the exam.

The exam period is three days and the exam can be taken during IBBM business hours (9 AM- 5 PM CT). Examinees will have three (3) hours to take the exam.

Please note there is no clinical requirement. Anyone with an interest in advancing their career in Blood Management can take the exam.

Studying for the PBMS Exam

IBBM hosted a live review course during AmSECT’s Quality and Outcomes meeting. IBBM will be hosting another live review course and exam during AmSECT’s International Conference in San Deigo on Friday, April 27, 2018.

If you had missed the course, no problem! IBBM is in the process of creating a video presentation from the Quality and Outcomes meeting course.

Perioperative Patient Blood Management Specialist Exam Matrix 4-2018



Apply to take the PBMS EXAM. 

Upcoming Exams:

Application Dates:
June 5- July 29, 2018
September 3- October 14, 2018

Exam Dates:
August 29 – August 31, 2018
November 14- November 16, 2018