The International Board of Blood Management (IBBM) shall strive to promote education and sound scientific principles to advance the safe and competent practice of perioperative blood management, which will lead to recognition of this specialization through examination and certification.


To create clinical specialties consisting of individuals dedicated to the practice of perioperative blood management.

To establish a formal process of certification for clinicians involved in the practice of perioperative blood management.

To grant certification for individuals who successfully complete all the requirements established by the IBBM Board of Directors as related to perioperative blood management techniques.

To establish continuing education and clinical requirements to maintain certification.


The IBBM shall be directed by its own bylaws for governance.

The IBBM Board of Directors established the criteria for certification, and subsequent recertification, for perioperative blood management personnel.

The IBBM Board of Directors shall recognize individuals by awarding certification as a Certified Perioperative Blood Management Technologist (CPBMT), or a Certified Patient Blood Management Specialist (CPBMS) following the successful completion of examination requirements.

The IBBM Board of Directors shall recognize individuals who meet the yearly requirements for recertification by achieving clinical and educational criteria.


Certification in perioperative blood management is evidence that the candidate has met the qualifications as related to performing perioperative blood management procedures, under the prescription of a physician, as identified or recognized by peers. Certification is not intended to define employment.

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