How to Become a Certified Perioperative Blood Management Technologist

Application Process for the Perioperative Blood Management Examination

Step 1: Submit Application
The PBMT Certification Application includes the following information:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Employer Information
  3. Facility Information and Confirming Individual Information
  4. Clinical Activity Report: Fifty (50) clinical cases utilizing cell saver technique performed during the previous year. This list must include the Hospital/Clinic, date,  surgeon, procedure performed, Surgeon, Procedure Type, Adult/Pediatric.  Procedures must be specific (Total Hip Arthroplasty, Posterior Spinal Fusion, etc.). Procedure categories will not be accepted (Ortho, Vascular, Emergency, Heart, etc.).   Procedure Type must be Autotransfusion, Platelet Gel or Stem Cell
  5. Copy of High School or College Diploma or Copy of Clinical Credentialing (CCP, RN, LPN, MD, etc.)
  6. Authorization for Release of Information and Case Verification Form
  7. Proctor Application if the exam will be taken online
  8. Non-refundable $200.00 fee to sit for exam

Step 2: IBBM Verifies Information
Upon receipt and verification of the Application and supporting documentation, you will receive an email with a statistical document attachment to be completed.  Once the completed statistical document is received by the IBBM the application process is complete.  An email will be sent to your proctor approximately five (5) days before the opening of the exam.  This letter will detail the Exam protocol, provide the necessary username, password and test verification form to be completed by the proctor at the end of the exam.  An email will be sent to you approximately five (5) days before the opening of the exam.  This letter will serve as notice that you are eligible to sit for the exam and your proctor has been sent the necessary information for the exam.  For written exams, this letter will include your Exam Admit Card, which is required for admission to the exam.

Step 3: Take Certification Exam
You will be given 3 hours for the 100 question exam. The exam is scored and results are mailed via USPS mail 30 days after the close of the exam.

If the applicant passes the exam, they will receive a Perioperative Blood Management Technologist Certificate at the address provided on the application.

If the applicant does not pass the exam, they will be sent a letter showing the areas of deficiencies.  If the applicant decides to retake the exam a new application must be submitted.  If the applicant retakes the exam within nine (9) months the fee is $100.00 USD.  If the applicant retakes the exam after nine (9) months the fee is $200.00 USD.

Late applications are accepted up to two weeks past the submission deadline for a processing fee of $50.00.

For resources to prepare for the exam, click here.

How to Maintain Certification

Recertify Annually
You must recertify every annually. To recertify, you must submit a Recertification Application. Recertification opens the first week of January each year.  Applications must be submitted no later than March 1st.

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