Preparing for the PBMT & PBMS Examinations

The Perioperative Blood Management Technologist Examination consists of approximately 115 questions in multiple choice format. Questions concerning Environmental Factors, Equipment, Patient Care Procedures, and Critical Incident Information will be included in the exam.

Difficulty Equipment/Disposables Patient Care / Procedures Critical Incidents % Items*
Team communication Equipment applications Indications / contraindications Response to incidents 20
Surgical vocabulary Instructions for use Standards / guidelines Diagnose / troubleshoot 40
Sterile environment Technical knowledge Physiology / pharmacology Medical knowledge 40
30 30 20 20 100

*Approximate distribution of exam items

The successful examinee will exceed the cut-off criteria set by the IBBM based on item analysis and past candidate performance on specific exam items composing the candidate’s specific test form.


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PBMT Study Materials

PBMS Study Materials

PBMT Study Materials

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