More Adult ECMO Specialist Ability Statements

More Adult ECMO Specialist Ability Statements:

  1. Completes periodic skills testing and competency drills to maintain credentialing
  2. Obtains and prepares equipment based on type of support, patient diagnosis, age, and condition
  3. Confers with surgical team regarding cannulation strategies and selected cannulae
  4. Receives and gives constructive criticism when indicated
  5. Administers all blood products and medications appropriately when ordered to be given through the ECMO circuit
  6. Supports the team and customers to achieve quality, patient satisfaction, teamwork, culture of safety, and employee satisfaction
  7. Uses self-appraisal performance review and peer review, including annual goal-setting to promote safe and value-based practice
  8. Works in conjunction with the bedside nurse to manage cardiac drugs to ensure that the patient is hemodynamically stable
  9. Conducts the collection and management of quality improvement data
  10. Can monitor and troubleshoot continuous veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH)
  11. Can monitor and troubleshoot centrifugal pump based ventricular assist devices (VADs)
  12. Coordinates a comprehensive, age, and culture specific continuum of care planning for all patients and families

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