More Adult Certified ECMO Specialist Skill Statements

More Adult Certified ECMO Specialist ability statements:

  1. Assists patients and family members with understanding ECMO support and related care
  2. Demonstrates expertise in caring for ECMO patients with multiple and complex problems
  3. Completes circuit priming sequences and ensures de-airing has occurred
  4. Completes functional testing of circuit components prior to clinical application
  5. Evaluates the effectiveness of plans of care and recommends revisions to the multidisciplinary care team
  6. Able to push PVC tubing onto a connector up to the second barb with aseptic technique
  7. Corrects damaged tubing, membrane oxygenators, connectors, and other circuit components
  8. Directs transport personnel during ECMO transport to ensure patient and caregiver safety
  9. Operates, maintains, calibrates, and performs quality control testing on all point of care laboratory equipment per protocols and CLIA requirements
  10. Maintains and manages the continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) circuit when placed in conjunction within the ECMO circuit

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