IBBM International Perfusion Society Resources

Perfusion – USA

AACP – American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion

ABCP – American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

AmSECT – American Society of Extracorporeal Technology

ELSO – Extracorporeal Life Support Organization

ICEBP – International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion


Perfusion – Asia

ChSECC – Chinese Society of Extracorporeal Circulation

ISECT – Indian Society of Extra Corporeal Technology

JaSECT – Japan Society of Extra corporeal Technology

Perfusion – Australasia

ANZCP – Austrailian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists

Perfusion – Canada

CSCP – Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion

Perfusion – Europe

Asociación Española de Perfusionistas – Spanish Perfusion Society

Austrian Society of Perfusion

Belsect – Belgian Society of Extracorporeal Technology

Czech Society of Extracorporeal Circulation

Dansect – Danish Society of Extracorporeal Technology

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiotechnik e.V. – German society for cardio-vascular engineering

EBCP – The European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

FECECT – Foundation European Congress on Extracorporeal Circulation Technology

NeSECC – Dutch Society for Extracorporeal Circulation

Norsect – Norwegian Society of Extracorporeal Technology

RoSect – Romanian Society of Extracorporeal Technology

The Society of Clinical Perfusion Scientists of Great Britain and Ireland

Perfusion – South Africa

The South African Society of Clinical Technology

Perfusion – South America

Asociación de Perfusionistas de  la República Argentina

Brazilian Society of Extracorporeal Circulation

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