IBBM Journal Resources

The Journal of Extracorporeal Technology
JECT is the premiere source of the most current research and information related to extracorporeal technology including Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Extracorporeal Life Support, Mechanical Assist Devices, and Perioperative Blood Management.

Nederlands Society of Extracorporeal Journal

Perfusion UK
Perfusion provides current information on all aspects of perfusion, oxygenation and biocompatibility and their use in modern cardiac surgery. The journal is at the forefront of international research and development and presents an appropriately multidisciplinary approach to perfusion science.

Tranfusion and Apheresis Science
Official Journal of the World Apheresis Association
Official Journal of the European Society for Haemapheresis
(previously called Transfusion Science) Brings comprehensive and up-to-date information to physicians and health care professionals involved in the rapidly changing fields of transfusion medicine and apheresis. The journal presents original articles relating to scientific and clinical studies in the areas of immunohematology, transfusion practice and both therapeutic and donor apheresis.

Published monthly, TRANSFUSION is the official peer-reviewed journal of the AABB.  Its pages feature articles on all scientific, technical and administrative aspects of transfusion medicine, including immunohematology, virology, relationship testing, cellular therapy and tissue transplantation, donor screening tests and methods, cost issues and record-keeping.

Transfusion Medicine Reviews
Delivers authoritative reviews of important advances in the basic science and clinical aspects of transfusion medicine — ranging from blood products to blood banking and laboratory medicine.

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