Appeals, Audits and Inactive Status

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Audit of Clinical Activity

The IBBM may conduct an audit to insure the accuracy of the Clinical Activity Report.

Audits will be conducted by contacting either the designated hospital authority to complete the audit process.

Each CPBMT is to list a designated hospital authority (i.e. Department Chief, Operating Room Director, etc.) for each hospital where clinical procedures are reported. Addresses and contact information, including a valid e-mail address, for the designated hospital authority at each hospital listed on the form must be provided.

In the event that the designated authority cannot verify the cases submitted on the Clinical Activity Report, the CPBMT will be contacted to provide verification of the cases and explain discrepancies. The CPBMT is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained on the report and to provide verification of the clinical procedures.

Recertification Filing Deadline

The recertification application will close at 11:59 pm PT on February 15, 2021.

A reminder email is sent out annually the first week of January.  This email is sent to the email address on file with the International Board of Blood Management.

All reporting periods end on December 31st. All reports must be completed, with the appropriate fee, and electronically filed no later than February 15th.

Late Fees

A CPBMT filing recertification reports after February 15th will be charged $50.00.

Loss of Certification

A CPBMT will lose certification if:

  1. All requirements stated above are not followed.
  2. False information is filed on any part of the examination or recertification process.

Appeals for Loss of Recertification

In the event of loss of certification and individual has the right to appeal the ruling. The appeal should be submitted in writing to the IBBM stating the following:

  1. Full name and address of individuals
  2. Certificate number
  3. Reason for the appeal limited to 200 words or less
  4. Supporting documentation

The IBBM shall be the final determiner of the decision and shall act according to the IBBM Bylaws.

Inactive Status

At times a CPBMT may be unable to maintain certification because of a lack of clinical activity. For this reason, and because many individuals wish to maintain an acknowledgment of having been certified, an Inactive Status may be requested. Individuals on Inactive Status will receive all e-mail distributions from the IBBM. The mechanism for obtaining Inactive Status is as follows:

  1. Once the certification has lapsed you will automatically be placed on inactive status.  You may no longer use the title of CPBMT.  An individual may stay in the Inactive Status category for a period of two years.  At the end of two years of clinical inactivity, it will be necessary to initiate the certification process, completing all criteria, in order to again become an active CPBMT.
  2. Within that two year period if the individual becomes clinically active and wishes to again use the title of CPBMT, they must electronically file a recertification application.  There must be a minimum of forty (40) procedures for each year of clinical inactivity. Example: If the individual was clinically inactive for the full two (2) years, they would not be eligible for recertification until eighty (80) procedures were performed.
  3. Submit a recertification fee of $100.00 for annual recertification.  Example:  If the individual was clinically inactive for the full two (2) years the fee would be $200.00.
  4. Submit a reinstatement fee of $50.00 along with the Clinical Activity form.

Reconsideration Requests

In the event of factors or circumstances beyond the applicants or the IBBM’s control cause the applicant to desire a reconsideration of any action or decision made by or on behalf of the IBBM, regarding stated positions, interpretation of policy and/or procedure, an applicant may request a review. The cost of the review shall be borne by the applicant making the request, and the approximate cost must be covered up front prior to the review. Those costs may be obtained from the IBBM.

A process has been established for review and shall be followed. Presently, this process will require, at minimum, a hearing of the request by appropriate directors of the IBBM, with possible further review.

Change of Address

It is the responsibility of the CPBMT to notify the IBBM Office of a change in any contact information including email address, or physical address. The individual must contact the National Office, either by e-mail or via regular mail, within five (5) days of the change. Acknowledgement of the change of address will be via e-mail sent to the individual providing notification that this change has become effective. Failure to do so may cause loss of certification.